Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Summer Market

We had our last summer market this past weekend.  It ended up being a really beautiful day which is always nice for outdoor markets and we had alot of repeat customers which is amazing.  To hear that people love our products and are willing to come and buy from us again is such a great feeling. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Craft Fairs: Foliage at Heritage Hall, August 2012

My friends Pauline, Taryn and I started up a small business last year.  We were always going to local craft fairs and whenever we found items we like, we thought to ourselves "we could totally make that ourselves!".  So we started Foliage as a fun adventure for us to get togethere and craft things we love.  It's a bonus that we can make money while doing it too!!

If you want to, you can check out our we site!

We update our facebook page more often so please look us up on there :)

Here are some photos from our day at Heritage Hall!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer fun : Richmond Night Market

I've been to the new Night Market in Richmond near the River Rock casino twice already but Stewart hadn't been so we decided to go tonight.  I've been telling him how the new market has some of the traditional food from the part of China we lived in that we miss lots.  Sometimes we wish we could be back in China just for a day so we can go and eat all the yummy food we ate and loved when we were in China.

[ instagram photos from the Night Market ]

New back to school hairdo?!

Just like most of you, I love Pinterest.  It's a great site to find inspiration for anything and also a great site to waste a few hours away on :)  I've been looking for a change of hair style latley and i've found a few photos I really love on Pinterest.  Not sure if I can actually go through with it or even pull these styles off but I really like them!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer fun : New Brighton Pool

I managed to drag Stewart to the pool with me today. The weather was supposed to be hot early so I felt like we could come to the pool early enough to beat the crowds.  The pool opened at 10 and we when we got here at 11 is was already pretty busy! Parking was full already too so we had to park a bit away from the pool. 

This is our first time at New Brighton pool.  The scenery is pretty cool with mountains on one side.  When you walk in it looks busy because all the families and kids gather there but if you go further in you'll see that it gets less busy.  Also, there is a concession stand outside the entrance so you can grab some food and bring it into the pool area.

Overall, its a nice place to be on a hot summers day.
Which is your favourite outdoor pool in Vancouver?

Camping : Birkenhead Lake, BC

Summer has been pretty busy for me so with this month off before school begins again, I really wanted to not waste anytime and enjoy it as much I could.  Stewart and I planned a trip up to Birkenhead Lake a month ago and had invited my sister and her boyfriend to come with us.  We just got back from Birkenhead and it was so beautiful up there!

Birkenhead Lake is located about 90km north of Whistler near the town of D'arcy, BC.  Before you reach D'arcy you will see a sign for Birkenhead and then you still have to drive 17km down a gravel road before reaching the campsite.  We did not have anyone in the campsite across from us and we couldn't see the campsites beside us so it was nice.  Going during the week helped as well as maybe only half the campsites were occupied.  Unfortunatley, there are only pit toilets there and no showers!  Stewart and I bought 'Campsuds' at Mec (biodegradable all purpose soap) that we used to bathe in the lake as well as wash our dishes.  Worked out well.

The lake is amazing.  A little cold being glacier water but thats ok.  We spent some time laying on the beach and suntanning and we also rented a canoe one afternoon.  We took it out into the lake and tried our luck at fishing as well!  Unfortunatley, I have still yet to catch my first fish.  I did buy an annual fishing licence so hopefully I'll be able to accomplish that goal soon!

The only downfall is that there are sooooo many bugs there.  I literally got eaten alive.  Bug repellant is a must.

Overall though, we had a great time and we can't wait till we can camp again next year!!

What are your favourite BC camping spots?!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome !

Hello readers,

I've just recently gotten a new camera.  The Sony NEX-7 to be exact and I am loving it!  The quality of photos is excellent and its my first 'nicer' than a point and shoot camera.

So hopefully i'll have lots of amazing photos to share on this blog plus more!

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